Most physical activities like sports have an element of force, quickness, duration, and range of motion.Where an individual or a team compete against one another, or for others, it’s for fun or entertainment. Most popular sports are the following: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, volleyball, tennis and many more. And when playing these sports, the appropriate athletic wear is a key element to competing and winning.

In every sport, it is very important to buy the right uniform. It reflects a sense of togetherness among the players and makes them feel united. It also helps to improve the performance of the team.

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Athletes wear customized sportswear uniforms during games not only to help them identify with a specific team, but also to create a lasting impression that is often raised to the level of a brand that the spectators, fans and people recognize.

Wagadoo Inc. specializes in customized sports uniforms and maintains above par standards in the midst of uprising competition in the industry. Wagadoo offers a different variety of material and designs to meet your athletic sportswear needs, such as:

Handmade Embroidered Tackle Twill

Hand cut tackle twill fabric and handmade embroidery used in print of players name, team name and front & back numbers that outlasts any other application. This type of applique creates a very bold look to the uniform or jersey. The outcome of the uniform design stands out as a premium product. We highly recommend embroidered tackle twill to all our clients.

Digital Embroidered Tackle Twill

Tackle twill fabric that is digitally embroidered and used for small and larger logos for different sports uniforms that is consistent and more detailed in the design. It incorporates different threads with sophisticated embroidery stitching. The digital embroidery design in uniforms stands out as one of the finest of products which we also highly recommend to our clients.

Screen Printing

screen print on jerseys is more affordable than the more durable and better looking sewn on tackle twill. The screen print process involves passing ink through a screen and photographically transferring the desired image to the uniform fabric. Screen printing is popular in T-shirt printing and can be used in uniform printing.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl comes in many different formats, such as metallic, fluorescent, flock and reflective colours. It can be as durable as screen printing – it can be washed up to 60c without any colour loss, so can be a good option for work clothing that needs hot washes. Vinyl gives a smooth even finish with crisp edges, but can look like it has been stuck on compared to screen printing which absorbs into the fabric.

Sublimation Print

Sublimation is usually printed on Spundy fabric but it can also be used in Micro Jersey, Semi Steppiline, Tri fit and Dri fit fabrics. The advantage of using sublimation is that you can print as many logos, colors and unique designs as you want. It saves time in production with very complicated and detailed designs.

Wagadoo can quickly and easily help you design and produce your team uniforms.

Send us your desired sketch. Or if you wish, our design team is ready to help you with your sketch—within a 24-hour turnaround.


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