Jerseys, those aesthetically beautiful crafted garments donned by professional athletes, are highly anticipated by fans and spectators across the globe before the season commences. It is somehow a representation of the culture, ideals, and origin of a professional sports team when it goes to battle with its antagonists.

The major professional sports leagues in the United States are comprised of four powerhouses: Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Football League (NFL), and the National Hockey League (NHL). NFL jerseys boastsome of the most splendid technology powered by Nike (e.g., water repellent fabrication, strategic ventilation, highly flexible embroidered premium twill numbers, flywire strength resistance, etc.)

Jumping to the NBA, the grandest stage of professional basketball on Earth, what could be worse than remembering Sam Bowie ace Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley in the 1984 draft? It’s Lebron James intentionally tearing a part of his retro sleeved jerseys on a regular season battle with the Knicks late last year. James admits that he’s “not a fan” of jerseys that both squeezes his body and takes a toll on his shooting performance.

Whether you’re a hoop junkie playing street ball, or someone who feels elated in watching from the stands, jerseys form a great part of our sports experience. Here are some of the must-have traits of every sports jersey.


Lasting Print

The process of sewing sports jerseys isobsolete. It has been proven that different printing technologies –sublimation, digital embroidery, and vinyl –are more durable; hence, saving you a considerable amount of bucks in the future. My old-yet-durable Black Mamba jersey I purchased in the NBA Store in 2011 still does the job for me. Its sublimated print was able to preserve its intricate designs and intense colors for at least 4 years. I believe my jersey still has many years left in the tank to accompany my street balling.

As of posting time, an LBJ Adidas Navy Blue Alternate Replica Jersey (top) is pegged at $69.99 at the NBA Store. Being pricy is kind of given due to the association’s image and brand. However, if you’d like to strike a balance between cost and quality, Wagadoo offers a little under that price but double the value (e.g., $66.95 for a fully sublimated basketball top & bottom). The quality of its print is just as comparable to the technology utilized by the more branded jerseys.

Don’t get me wrong me here. I am in no way completely suggesting you abandon stitched jerseys. It’s just that exceptional printing technologies spares you from the embarrassment of having your jersey attachments loose or hanging.

Compelling Design

Aside from the impending sponsor logos expected to plague jerseys in the 2017 season, the NBA, by far, made a good job in showcasing some of the most professional-looking designs. If you are someone who looks for quality collegiate sports uniforms, Wagadoo parades a variety of prearranged jersey designs you can choose from. Their designs closely mimic that of NCAA team’s but also incorporates insights from its enthusiastic designers.

Like most established online sports sites, Wagadoo has its own ‘Sportswear Online Designer’ where patrons can customize their jersey details. On its Jersey Builder tab, one can choose the sport, gender, jersey frame, neck style, and fabric. Some of its quality –and comfy –fabric type includes the following:

  • Air Cool
  • Brushing
  • Dazzle
  • Dri-Fit
  • Micro Cool
  • Ribstop
  • Spandex
  • SteppilineProMesh
  • Tri-Fit Cotton

Meanwhile, its Lettering tab allows you to customize the alignment, font and size, number, color concentration, and the visuals of the logo. This makes the job a whole lot easier since team managers and players need not to make a clumsy draft on paper. Again, Wagadoo’s designers always have clients’ backs whenever they find it hard to generate intricate and compelling designs.

A Representation of Yourself on the Court

As I have mentioned earlier, jerseys highly speak of your origin (e.g., country, school, commercial team, community, institution) and your ideals (e.g., excellence, virtue, selflessness, valor, tenacity, etc.). Any form of malfunction or inconvenience in jerseys reduces your team’s chances of winning the game because it restricts players’ performance through inconvenience. Delegate the task of producing superior sports apparels to the manufacturer who both genuinely knows your preference and puts a premium on quality.

Wagadoo outsources only the finest raw materials; employs proficient workforce; and makes sure clients get the best from what they pay. They value the importance of client’s input and harmonious relationship towards satisfaction for both parties.

As a wrap-up, the abovementioned traits are just some of the many your sports jersey should exemplify. Whatever your personal preference may be, it’s all gearing towards the ultimate gaming experience.

And to wit, avoid the pun received by innumerable NBA stars, particularly AndrayBlatche, when his Wizards jersey was erroneously spelled as “Baltche.”