The Fabrics we are using for our jerseys, shorts and other sports uniforms are all 100% Polyester. Each fabric usage varies depending on the uniforms such as follows:

  • 100% Polyester Steppiline Pro-mesh used for reversible and non-reversible basketball jerseys and shorts. Also used for football jerseys.
  • Tri-Fit Cotton used for reversible and non-reversible jerseys and shorts, shooting shirts, warm-up jackets, and very seldom on tear away pants.
  • Jersey Dazzle 100% Polyester used for tackle twill materials, football jerseys, jersey and shorts side panel, taping and insert piping, jersey and shorts uniforms, shooting shirts and warm-up jackets
  • Square Net 100% Polyester most commonly used in warm-up shooting shirts and tear away pants. Can also be used for jersey-shorts set.
  • Tri-Fit Shiny 100% Polyester used for jersey-shorts set, shooting shirts and warm-up jackets.
  • Semi-Cool 100% Polyester can be used for jersey-shorts set but always in double ply where the inner ply serves as lining.
  • 100% Heavy Polyester (Double Face) used on baseball jersey and baseball pants, used on Football pants
  • Air Cool 100% Polyester used on football jersey main body and basketball jersey & shorts.
  • Micro Jersey (Heavy Dazzle) 100% Polyester used on football jersey sleeves, shoulder & side panel, football snap pants, warm-up shooting shirt, basketball jersey & shorts set
  • 1X1 100% Polyester is the material we normally used for the shorts and tear away pants. However, we also used the Quinna, a thicker lining material which we apply for women’s jerseys and shorts to prevent the under wears being seen-through.


However, on customer’s advice, we also use Nylon materials such as those other football uniforms requiring Nylon Spandex and other game uniforms specifying Nylon as their main materials. This is a case to case basis which also requires above standard pricing.

Tri Fit
Steppiline Pro Mesh
Square Net
Spundy Poly Lycra Subtitute
Semi Steppiline
Semi Cool
RC Ponti
Poly Cotton
Micro Shiny
Micro Jersey
Mass Cotton
ELP Ponte
Dri Fit
Double Face
Air Cool
1x1 Cotton