Wagadoo’s Personalized American Football T Shirts

Driven by a character of excellence -never setting for anything less than the best- we collaborate with our clients with what they want with their uniforms and carry out our task of producing them the best American football t shirts and personalized football shirts they will ever have.

Our Products

Specializing in customized sports uniforms, Wagadoo maintains its above par standards in the midst of uprising competition in the industry. We also select from our wide array of garment manufacturing technologies in generating different variety of designs such as:

Sublimation Print

Sublimation printing, also known as dye sublimation printing process, is a new way to personalize your own design. The bread and butter of this process involve the printer’s usage of heat to transfer color dye onto a fabric. As the market grows and changes, we will be able to cope with such by providing this fresh and trendy concept to our valued patrons.

Sublimation print aids in making intricate designs, gives intense colors, and lasts virtually forever. It also gives you the freedom and capacity to print voluminous numbers, letters, and logos when the demand seems unforgiving.

soccerr shirt
volleyball uniform

Tackle Twill

This type of applique creates a bold look to your American football body suit and customized football shirts. Tackle twill is handmade embroidery usually used in players’ names, team names, and front & back numbers to ensure durability. This technology transforms otherwise plain-looking uniforms to premium products; hence, we highly recommend embroidered tackle twill to all clients.

Digital Embroidery

Digital embroidery is usually used for both small and large logos on different sports uniforms, making its design more consistent and detailed. It incorporates different threads with embroidery stitching. The design in uniforms stands out as premium products; we highly recommend digital embroidery to all clients.

football uniform
cheering uniform

Vinyl Print

Vinyl is made from resin plastic, a product of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It’s pliable or flexible trait is similar to that of leather. The effects of applied vinyl heat to American football t shirts and personalized football shirts last years under normal use. Here are the care instructions from the manufacturer: do not dry clean; machine wash w/mild detergent; dry at normal setting; no chlorine bleach; and wait 24 hours before first wash.

Screen Print

Silk/screen printed on jerseys relatively costs less than the more durable, better-looking sewn on tackle twill; it is mostly used for t shirt printing. We can disclose price information upon request.

basketball uniform

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