The 2016-2017 NBA regular season barely started, but the excitement and intensity is already on a high echelon. Some teams are already showing flashes of brilliance like the young Lakers squad with Luke Walton at the helm of the coaching job. They’re currently at a 10-12 slate, but the biggest fish they caught was the Golden State Warriors on a 20-point demolition win. The Thunder, meanwhile, proudly occupies the 6th sport as of date without Kevin Durant.

While some teams had upbeat starts for their campaign, some didn’t live up to expectations yet. Some reasons would include early chemistry problems, injury bugs, or inability to sustain a lead.

The following are teams who had high hopes for the season, but fumbling as of late. All stats are as of December 4 this year and are courtesy of NBA’s official website.

Philadelphia 76ers 


Current record: 4-16 (15th in the East)

Team PPG: 97.9 (Rank 26th)

Team FG%: 43.2 (Rank 25th)

Opponent PPG: 107.8 (Rank 25th)

Opponent FG%: 46 (Rank 23rd)

Trust the process –that’s what habitual fans in the Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia clung to after their NBA team had successive years of futility. Though the season is still very far from over, and granted that every team makes runs every now and then, a good start is what the 76ers needed –and didn’t have.

For three straight years (2014-2016), Philadelphia had one of the top 3 draft picks which they used to acquire Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, and Ben Simmons, respectively. Dario Saric, who had a convincing Olympics stint, was also signed together with former Blazer Gerald Henderson. That’s some beefing up, ye?

Simmons was expected to be the missing piece to build an Eastern contender out of the usual cellar dwellers, but the excitement was cut short due to a foot injury he suffered.

Embiid and Okafor, meanwhile, have been pretty decent so far, but the 76ers players need to collectively play as a group. It’s pretty understandable that there’ll be chemistry issues considering new additions to the team, but “The Process” should at least be producing some substantial wins right now.

Washington Wizards


Current record: 6-12 (13th in the East)

Team PPG: 102.9 (Rank 20th)

Team FG%: 45.1 (Rank 13th)

Opponent PPG: 105.8 (Rank 20th)

Opponent FG%: 46.3 (Rank 27th)

The Capitol’s NBA team just managed a 41-41 slate last season (10th overall in the Eastern Conference), and that’s largely because of missing John Wall’s services to injuries on both knees.

The Wizards, this season, are off to a bad start as they’ve only managed to win 4 of their last 10 games, and are on a two game skid. Scott Brooks replaced Randy Wittman at the helm of the coaching job, but his effect is yet to translate into wins.

Bradley Beal, who signed the most lucrative contract in team history, is killing the stat sheet with 29.5 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 3.5 assists per game on their last 3 games, but bench depth is something the Wizards have to address if they want to advance.

Ian Mahinmi is saddled with injuries, scraping an already short front court rotation of Washington. Trey Burke and Marcus Thornton are the few veterans in the team that can give some spark of the bench, though they may not always do it on a nightly basis.

Dallas Mavericks


Current record: 4-15 (15th in the West)

Team PPG: 91.8 (League worst)

Team FG%: 41.2 (League worst)

Opponent PPG: 98.9 (Rank 8th)

Opponent FG%: 45.8 (Rank 22nd)

After capturing the Larry O’Brien trophy in 2011, it was all downhill for the Mavs. In their last 10 games, they just managed to win 2 games largely because of injuries to Dirk and key player JJ Barea. A lethal starting five of Barea, Matthews, Barnes, Bogut, and Nowitzki (with Williams, Anderson, and Powell on the bench) is something to drool over, but we’re yet to see this as the team deals with injuries and chemistry problems.

Minnesota Timberwolves


Current record: 6-14 (14th in the West)

Team PPG: 104.8 (Rank 13th)

Team FG%: 44.9 (Rank 18th)

Opponent PPG: 105.6 (Rank 18th)

Opponent FG%: 46.9 (Rank 28th)

Tom Thibodeau and his young –but hungry –guns composed of Towns, Wiggins, LaVine, Dieng and Dunn were highly touted as a force to be reckoned with in the West this season. Majority of their losses could have easily been Ws if they didn’t suffer from second half collapses. Wiggins told media that they’re being “too confident” when having a comfortable lead, making them complacent as the game progress in its crucial stretches.

Though the young Wolves are on a slump, it’s too early to count them out. Once they come out firing on all cylinders and Towns dominate the paint, they’ll be a handful to majority of teams in the West. Thibodeau, though, needs to be more patient and remindful of his wards of not blowing early leads.

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