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Formed in YEAR, BUSINESS has provided a wide range of bespoke basketball shirt designs and other sporting goods. Our aim was always simple – to deliver a quality of product that fits with the very finest on the market. Handmade athletic clothing and custom baseball shirts can be hard to get in the quality that you expect.

This is why we offer custom sportswear for both sporting and casual usage. We serve various Athletic Organizations and Sports Leagues, such as Pacrim Sports. Through the depth and detail we put into every creation, we always look to provide the same integral standard time and time again. Our aim is to offer continual satisfaction through quality shirt designs that fit the needs of our clients each and every time.

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BUSINESS always looks to provide a process that makes it easy for customers to get what they need. So, we made sure that our ordering process is easy to follow along with, and fully transparent. In the end, you’ll receive access to custom sports uniforms that cover any sport you can think of. From a new soccer kit to custom basketball uniforms, you can get everything that you possibly need for team-play!

custom basketball uniforms

The Wagadoo production team have more than three decades of collective experience and knowhow in the industry. Put together, this allows for a friendly and engaging system that allows for us to meet your demands regardless of the challenges ahead.

Whatever your need is when it comes to custom sporting apparel, from custom uniforms to cool personal attire, we can help you out. We use only the most high-end and durable materials, promising that they will last and become a treasured memento for years to come.


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The Wagadoo service can be a little complex to understand, we find. However, it does not need to be. The service that we provide is designed to be as easy or as complex as you possibly need.

We all have our choices and our requirements when it comes to making the perfect kind of sporting shirt, so let us help you do that today with a comprehensive system made to ensure you can have the perfect custom baseball shirts and other sporting attire created exactly as you had imagined.

To make the whole story a little simpler to follow along with, we’ve broken down our promise to you below. Now, you can rely upon us to deliver a service every time which is:

Making the most of advanced and elite manufacturing and production hardware.

Highly established work operations in garment manufacturing

Competitively priced to make the whole team – or yourself – look good on a budget.

Creative and innovative athletic apparel designs

Product quality excellence

Delivered in a timely, fair fashion regardless of your location.

Supported by an honest and friendly support team 24/7.

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Hello Thanks the uniforms were delivered today. We really enjoy doing business with you all.
Avenue Bears
I received the jerseys yesterday. Once again the quality is perfect.
Quinton Roberts
That was a very quick turnaround. We appreciate it.
LeShon Graham
Thank you very much. Great job!!!
Fred Lewis
Hey Don, everything mostly looks good except the numbers and writing are etremly big. and slightly low, bigger and lower than in the final picture design. but I’m assuming this is this a sample uniform? as we do not have a number 20. the shorts are perfet btw! u guys did a masterful job!
Black Water

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Our commitment to serve our customers through high quality uniforms and efficient delivery performance is still our ultimate company objective. But this is limited to conditions within our control.

On occasions that we have no control like natural calamities and couriers who were not able to pick up our package on time, or US Customs holding the shipments, we are asking for your consideration and support on this matter as we had no control with weather and carriers not able to pickup and deliver our products.